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The Oil Spill

Can we design only things that do not need to be plugged to the grid of war, prop­erty, own­er­ship and destruc­tion to be func­tional?  Can we cre­ate things that work only off the grid?

I just thought about this because there is still oil leak­ing at the ocean right now.

I’m not ask­ing to design things that do not need oil to be cre­ated. Just sit, read or watch the news about the Oil Spill in the Gulf.  Is not only about the peak of oil.

Oil is a pro­duc­tion sys­tem plugged to war, prop­erty and destruc­tion and we need to get rid of it.

Why we have to wait to run out of it and in the mid time hav­ing to deal with so much cor­rup­tion and dis­as­ter?   We have lim­ited oil reserves any­way and our future designs and solu­tions should be sus­tain­able — as in not oil pow­ered — yes, but mostly they should be more aware to the fact that we are all con­nected. (Watch this video)

Some peo­ple in Mex­ico are orga­niz­ing a call to give some #RealPub­lic­ity to British Petroleum:

The Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mex­ico has been sold as one more nat­ural dis­as­ter, like the erup­tion of a vol­cano or an earth­quake. British Petro­leum has been focused on min­i­mize the real dam­age of this eco­log­i­cal dis­as­ter, and the respon­s­abil­ity they had on pre­vent­ing it.

While they announce on daily basis the amount of money they spent in cov­er­ing up this dis­as­ter, is not enough to res­cue their image, the dam­ages are just not quan­tifi­able.  The water of the Gulf of Mex­ico is con­t­a­m­i­nated with oil.

We are call­ing all design­ers to cre­ate #RealPub­lic­ity for #BP so we can call this dis­as­ter and the com­pany respon­si­ble for it, by their fair name.  We need to pre­pare the road to repair this dam­age at any cost as well as, push­ing to make  British Petro­leum  and their exec­u­tives respond to the inter­na­tional laws, for their lia­bil­ity and neg­li­gence towards our planet.

You can send your logos, col­lages, remixes and pho­tos to make #RealPub­lic­ity to #BP to http://​realpub​lic​i​ty​forbp​.tum​blr​.com/

(image via TobiX)

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